Full-service production and post-production recording studio facility. White Lightning Productions Studio
 San Ramon, CA 94583 • Phone: 925-487-4287
WLPS Records


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  • Acoustically treated and controlled 'live' studio environment.

  • 'LEDE' design principles with minimal parallel surfaces.

  • 'Gobos' and associated sound isolation barriers.

  • Matrix type custom headphone mix and monitoring.

  • Studio quality 'cans' and independent headphone amplifiers.

  • On board effects processors and 'direct box' input arrays.

  • Dedicated plexiglass drum kit isolation booth.

  • Isolation booths for vocals and wind instruments.

  • Far and near field monitors with independent stereo power amps.

  • 'Real time' video monitoring between studio and control room.

  • Additional pristine marbled floor 'live' studio environments.


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