Full-service production and post-production recording studio facility. White Lightning Productions Studio
 San Ramon, CA 94583 • Phone: 925-487-4287
WLPS Records


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72 tracks of non-linear recording via three (3) Mackie HDR-24s with Remote 48 and 32 tracks of ADAT XT20 Type II recording or file transfer capability with BRC through a 56 input Mackie console. Close field monitors include KRK 9000B studio monitors, Yamaha NS-10s, and Auratone Primo Sound Cubes. Amplification is accomplished by two (2) Yamaha P-2200 stereo amps. Computer system utilizes Apple iMac performance with extended hard disk capability through auxiliary disk drives providing sequencing, computer assisted composition, sound design and editing functions. Resident software includes Sonar 8 Producer, Studio Vision, Digital Performer, Cubase, etc., as well as, many applications for multimedia, notation, sound and patch libraries and editors, and sound design. Pro Tools and Sonic Solutions capabilities expected in the future.


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